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About Gamfari Competitions

Play mobile games and stand a chance to win cash prizes every week. It Is SKILL BASED GAMING at its best. Users select, download and play their favourite games. Each game has a timer and users have to submit their best and highest scores gotten for each game to the games leaderboard before the timer ends for the week. Users simply subscribe with an amount of 100naira to join the weekly competition for a game, submit scores and the cash prize to be won weekly for each game is 5000naira. Simply visit , download any game for free, sign up to create one Gamfari gaming account which users can use to Log in to other games,fund your gamfari gaming account to enable you subscribe and then submit your scores. Choose from, download and play our various games. Gamfari games can be downloaded by visiting our site and selecting the games you prefer. is Africa's best eSport mobile games competition platform and you just have to be a part of it

How can you participate?

  • Visit from a mobile device
  • Download any of our games
  • Login or Register
  • Subscribe or play free
  • Win and collect prize

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Gamfari is a platform where users take part in gaming competitions and win money.

Visit from your mobile device,select any game of your choice, Sign up and Log in, Play completely free or Fund your account subscribe to our weekly competition to begin playing and submitting your high scores to the game leaderboard..

Use the details of your registration and Log in to your account in any of our games, click on "FUND". Input your details and fund your account through the payment gateway. When payment is successful, click on "SUBSCRIBE". When the icon changes from RED to GREEN, this means you have subscribed to the game weekly competition. A "WIN CASH" option will be displayed and you click on it to begin the competition.

You can fund your account with any amount above 100 naira as this fund in the account will enable you subscribe to any of the games weekly competition when you Log in to them. Subscription fee for the weekly competition on any of our games cost 100naira.

Yes, You can participate and win without paying the subscription fee. However you will receive ads everytime you complete a gaming session

After you register, Log in with your details to any of your preferrred games, FUND your account and SUBSCRIBE. Click "WIN CASH" and begin playing to submit your high scores on the competition leaderboard.

A gamfari competition has a 7days duration for every game on our platform.

A user can take part in the different competitions on all our games.

A user who emerges tops in all competitions for the different games will be paid the winning cash prize for all the games he emerged tops.

The gamfari system updates only the highest score gotten by a player to the competition leaderboard. When a user gets a new high score that beats his previous score, the score is automatically updated to the leaderboard.

The leaderboard is only accessible to users who have subscribed to the weekly competition for a particular game. To view the leaderboard for any game, ensure you subscribe to the weekly competition for that game.

Winners bank accounts will be credited by Gamfari.

Yes,you do. An internet connection is required for you to sign up, Log in, fund your gamfari account, and submit scores to the game leaderboard during the weekly competition.

In the event of such a setback, the gamfari system will maintain your current score and progress till the end of the competition or when you are back online.

You can send a mail about any problem or difficulty to support . A Gamfari representative will be in touch.

You can send a mail about any problem or difficulty to support . A Gamfari representative will be in touch.

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  • No 24 Banishile Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja,
  • (+234) 816-758-5253

Our goal is to make games more Competitive, Exciting and most importantly, REWARDING.

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